The Lifestyle City Cultivating Tomorrow’s Economy

We’re here to help you relocate your business, start a business, or grow an existing business. Our team approach to business expansion and economic development ensures that you have a partner every step of the way in Bend, Oregon.

Bend Chamber
of Commerce

The Bend Chamber is a great resource for businesses seeking education, outreach, advocacy and networking. Through programs and practices they put businesses in the position to thrive – individually and collectively.  Providing the tools and resources Bend businesses, visitors, relocators, and the community needs to succeed.


The City of
Bend, Oregon

The City of Bend values its business community and looks to local business leaders for input on City policies that impact economic development and business growth.  Our goal is to diversify the City’s economic foundation through investment in infrastructure and urban form.


Economic Development for Central Oregon (EDCO)

Central Oregon business begins with EDCO. Our mission is to create a diversified local economy and a strong base of middle class jobs in Central Oregon.  Whatever stage your business is in Executive Director Roger Lee and his economic development team have the tools and information to assist you.


The Small Business
Development Center (SBDC)

The Central Oregon SBDC works one-on-one with entrepreneurs to start, build and expand their businesses. Experienced advisors provide knowledge, support and educational workshops. Businesses can gain access to practical resources for business planning, financing, and market research.


Bend is the lifestyle city cultivating tomorrow’s economy.  With easy access to mountain biking, rock climbing and trail running, short commute times and relative affordability, many have landed in Bend for its quality of life.  The outdoor lifestyle has attracted highly skilled talent and in the last year, Bend ranked in a recent Kaufmann Foundation report due to the City’s ability to generate tech start-ups.  More recently the city was highlighted in asking if Bend can be the next Boulder.

Our entrepreneurial spirit does not end with tech start ups. In Bend there is a multitude of ways to connect to the business community or to find information that will help you grow or relocate your business.  In addition to the four primary organizations above, there are dozens more that support business development in Bend. Each provides a unique service.  If you can’t figure out which is best for you, give us a call 541.388.5529.

Connecting to the Business Community

Are you interested in a professional development event? Are you an entrepreneur looking for funding resources?  Do you need a loan to make an investment in your business? Is it time to draft an employee handbook?  Do you need to find your next supervisor or manager?

Relocating your Business or Starting one

Do you need data to help you compare Bend to other regions in the country?  Or are you looking for business incentives?  Are you working on a business plan and you need to know more about our employment trends in our region?

Is it time to Visit Bend?

Bend is a magnificent place to explore on your own or with your family.  Come visit us. Let us help you get started. Contact us at 541.388.5529 or

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your feast, but hold the fat! At least keep it from going down the drain.

Below our houses and streets, nearly 350 miles of sewer lines carry waste water from our homes and businesses to the City's treatment plant.
When grease, food solids and paper products gets into these lines, it causes blockages which can redirects the flow up through the manholes into our streets or homes.
The more “trash” we rinse down our sinks and toilets, the greater the risk of a potential obstruction to the flow of waste water.
Please remember to scrape all food, grease and fats into the garbage instead of rinsing it into the sink. Wiping off pots, pans and dishes before they go into the sink saves water and the expense of labor and repair.
(This picture shows what fats oils and grease does to our pipes.)
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The City Streets Department has been out sanding this morning, and we're ready to plow arterials and collectors (the major roads) as soon as two inches of snow accumulates.

You can learn more about the Streets Department's winter operations practices here:

Happy winter everyone!

5:30 pm update- We have all of our available resources out on the streets, including 24 hour staffing through 3 shifts and 19 pieces of equipment (plows, sanders, etc…). We have also begun the process to notify our pre-approved private contractors to clear residential streets as the snow depth is reaching 6 inches.
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The Bend Fire Department would like to remind everyone to use caution when preparing holiday meals -- especially if using a turkey fryer because of the dangers frequently associated with deep fat frying.

Follow these safety tips for cooking your bird:
• NEVER use a turkey fryer indoors, including garages. Use them outside, away from buildings and decks.
• Turkey fryers should always be used on a flat, non-combustible surface - never on wooden deck or next to your house.
• Never leave the fryer unattended. Some fryers don’t have thermostat controls and will heat until the oil ignites.
• Do not overfill the fryer. Excess oil can spill out and catch fire on the open flame below.
• Oil and water do not mix! Make sure the turkey is completely thawed and dried. Also be careful with marinades. A frozen turkey placed in hot oil may splatter and cause a violent fire.
• Use well-insulated potholders or oven mitts when touching pot or lid handle.
• Never allow children or pets near the turkey fryer - the oil inside the cooking pot can remain hot for hours.
• Never use water to extinguish a grease fire. Use a multi-purpose fire extinguisher for a grease fire.
• Call 9-1-1 immediately if a fire occurs.
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The City places a priority on accessibility for all it’s residents. Recently, we recognized the needs of our sight impaired citizens and completed a curb ramp project on Summit Drive. Here are the details. ... See MoreSee Less