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Economic Development Term to Know: Incubator vs. Accelerator

Business Incubator vs. Business Accelerator: One sounds warm and comforting, the other panic inducing, but if you’re a startup looking to take the next step in your development either one can help your business grow. While both incubators and accelerators seek to improve the odds of a startup finding success, their key distinction is the […]

Central Oregon Lands Direct Air Service to Phoenix

This morning Redmond Airport made it official and announced new Redmond to Phoenix service on American Airlines, beginning in June. The flight was secured thanks to $500,000 in grant funding from the US Department of Transportation along with $100,000 in additional local funds. The City of Bend chipped in $15,000 toward that $100,000 via the […]

Eagan Discusses 5 Year Economic Development Goals Before City Council

Last week, Carolyn Eagan, Director of Economic Development for the City of Bend, presented some initial city wide economic development goals before the Bend City Council, read on for a few highlights and key takeways: Eagan gave a concise definition of what constitutes Economic Development saying it involves specific policy intervention with the intent of […]

City to Host Parking 101 Sessions February 16 & 17

Have you wondered… Are downtown customers’ parking needs being met? Where do downtown employees park—and where should they park? Should visitors have to pay for parking downtown? What parking lessons can be learned from other cities? What are the options for improving parking in the downtown? The City of Bend is commencing a two-year Downtown […]

New Workplace Smoking Rules Took Effect January 1

January 1st didn’t just mean the start of a new year, it also meant the implementation of some new rules regarding the Oregon Indoor Clean Air Act (ICAA). While many of us are familiar with the ICAA ban on smoking in and around the workplace, a recent update to the law went into effect at […]