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Have Feedback on the Tourism Fund and Room Taxes? Here’s Your Chance to Speak Up!

Are you noticing more heads in your beds? If you’re a local overnight rental operator, you should be! Bend’s Transient Room Tax (TRT) collections, a 10.4% tax assessed on overnight accommodation in the city, are at record levels. The current forecast predicts almost $10 million in TRT collections for fiscal year 2016-17. As visitors come to Bend […]

April 28, 2016 Policy Issues

Arizona Ave. to Experience Night Closures for Paving in May

Starting May 2 and lasting most of the month of May, crews will be repaving Arizona Avenue now that the sewer line installation is done in that section of road. This signifies the end of the work on Arizona Avenue. This work was expedited to prevent overlapping with the summer traffic. The goal is to […]

April 25, 2016 Infrastructure

City of Bend Rolls Out Weekly Traffic & Construction Update for Summer

The City of Bend will be releasing a weekly road and traffic report each week on Fridays to help travelers plan their best routes and make it to their destinations on time. This is intended to provide information about various projects that are happening within the City on public rights-of-way that impact traffic. The City’s […]

April 18, 2016 Infrastructure

Bend Municipal Airport Bracing for Increased Traffic During Redmond’s May Closure

We’re less than one month away from Redmond Airport’s complete closure for 21 days in the month of May for runway resurfacing. That leaves local jetsetters with some significant travel hurdles as commercial air service to Central Oregon will cease for the duration. For a brief overview of the factors behind the closure, and the […]

Renewing Your Business Registration Online – A Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Are you a Bend business needing to renew your existing Business Registration but dreading the thought of picking up a phone and talking to a human? There’s a better way! Check renewing your registration off your to-do list without having to say a single word, following the step by step registration renewal guide below: Head […]

Bend Financial Retreat Scheduled for April 13

The Bend City Council and Budget Committee will meet from 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Wednesday, April 13, at Municipal Court, 555 NE 15th Street in Bend, to discuss the General Fund and funding strategies for maintaining streets. The meeting is open to the public. Goals of the financial retreat include finding a short […]

Bend Economic Development Advisory Board Approves Second-Year of Funding for Bend Key Industry Coordinator Program

At the April 5th meeting of the Bend Economic Development Advisory Board (BEDAB), members approved a proposal to partially fund the Key Industry Coordinator (KIC) program for a second year at a cost of $32,500. The decision leverages business registration funds made available due to a vacancy in the Business Advocate position for approximately six […]

Central Oregon Labor Trends Highlights Bend’s Increasingly Resilient Economy

In my meetings with the business community I’ve often posed the question of how our current period of economic growth in Bend feels different than in the run up to the Great Recession. Our regional economist, Damon Runberg, took on this question in the April edition of Central Oregon Labor Trends, as always it’s a […]